So you're walking around a little fucked up by the stuff
that has happened to you

It's ok.
It's part of being human.

you don't have to stay locked in that energy or those experiences.
 You can breathe new energy into your life. 
Let your breath do the work to
clear out all that old stuck shit
(emotions, thoughts, programs, beliefs, arguments, exes, baggage, regrets, shame, exes...yes, I know I said "exes" twice)
 And yes, your breath is THAT powerful.  
It is possible
to feel happy, healthy & whole
to be open . . . to find clarity . . . to heal . . .
to connect to yourself & those around you in a more authentic way
And the way we get there is with a type of breathing called
Conscious Connected Breathing (aka Breakthrough Breathwork).

 It's an active, powerful breath. Just like YOU! 


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