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get to know Candy

I've been a seeker most of my life. Always in search of answers. . . a deeper meaning. . . the 'why' behind the why. Feeling the call to something bigger but never quite knowing what that 'something' was until. . . one day. . . it all made sense.

As a
Six of Diamonds (look up your card here), I'm pretty practical. I can see both sides of anything & everything. I'm a natural mediator, good communicator, oriented towards value, an optimist & psychic AF. 

As an
Aquarius, I long for freedom, am super creative, rebellious, philanthropic & community-driven.  

Those traits. . . all of them. . . served me well as a
15+ year tech exec where I successfully coached & motivated hundreds, built relationships based in integrity, negotiated & closed deals & was constantly creating efficiencies. Those traits served me so well, in fact, that I became enslaved to my success. So I did what any true Six & Aquarian would do, I sought balance & freedom (aka I quit). If you want to know what pushed me over the edge & led to my early retirement at the age of 41, listen to this podcast episode.

Since leaving, I've focused my energies on
turning passions into business pursuits in the health & wellness space. I've studied yoga, the art of manifesting, Reiki, shamanism, coaching (specializing in food, intuition & relationships), psychic development, hypnosis, breathwork & the healing world of psychedelics.

If there's on thing I know for sure as a result of my professional career, studies & experiences, it's that
we are far more powerful than we think we are.

That the magic of the Universe is accessible to us when we tune into our
intuitive capabilities & tap into the energy that exists all around us.

That life ab-so-fucking-lutely changes for the best when we
breathe new life into it & connect to our inner wisdom.

I hope to help you learn to do the same.